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IAM® Meditation Virtual Class (free class on Zoom)

The IAM®-20 (Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®-20) is an effective tool to re-establish balance, clarity and peace of mind. In this free online virtual class, you will learn a combination of gentle relaxation exercises and short meditation methods, that when practiced together, have a profound effect on the body and mind. Benefits include reducing stress-induced hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) as shown in this research. Those who practice the IAM®-20 also experience increased energy, creativity, productivity and more. This technique was created by Amma, an internationally recognized humanitarian and spiritual teacher. It is currently taught free of charge to the public, students, people in prison and to the 1.3 million members of India's paramilitary. Find out more about:  Amma and IAM® 

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Sound Healing Journey - Live Event!

Sound Healing Journey at the Sol Room in Duncan, BC (Vancouver Island) - November 28, 3-5 pm, 2021, $30 CAD. Experience the sacred sounds of gongs, crystal and tibetan bowls, flute, ceremonial drums and more. This event is expected to sell out! Find out how to reserve your tickets in advance by filling out this CONTACT FORM.


Hwiemtun (Fred Roland) is a First Nations traditional healer and spiritual leader from the Cowichan Band who has been leading healing ceremonies for over three decades. He has traveled around the world helping people connect to their internal vibration and has also taught internationally on the connection between traditional music, healing sounds and the environment.
Michelle Hebert DC, NBCCH, E-RYT has worked in the field of mind-body medicine and wellness for over 20 years and has led thousands of group and individual meditations, yoga classes and healing sessions where participants have learned how to create greater health, peace and joy in their lives. 
Audio Recordings Relaxation

Audio Recordings

It's Time to Relax and Experience High Quality Sound Healing and Guided Meditation

All Sound Healing and Guided Meditation sessions and tracks are now available HERE ON PATREON.