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Sound Healing

Experience the healing sounds of crystal bowls, bells and chimes.

Hypnosis & Guided Visualization

Harness the power of the mind to heal and create your best life.


Practice evidence-based meditation techniques shown to increase resilience and happiness.

Diet and Nutrition

Nurture yourself with nutrition tailored to your specific body type and lifestyle.

Yoga and Yogic Breathwork

Learn poses, movements and breathing patterns to balance your body and mind.

Personal Training

Reach your wellness goals using a mindful approach to fitness.

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A combination of the above modalities are possible during a distance healing session. Options are discussed in a FREE 10 minute CONSULT.
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About Michelle

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Michelle Hebert DC, MPH, CPH, CHt, E-RYT, has worked in the field of mind-body medicine and wellness for over 20 years and has developed expertise in leading individual and group healing sessions that include meditation, guided visualization, sound healing, light therapy and yogic breathing. In the year 2000, Michelle started her journey in mind-body and holistic medicine after receiving a Doctorate in Chiropractic and certifications in Applied Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy.

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Seven years into her practice, Michelle realized the need to offer more options to help patients learn how to use their minds to improve their health. In the following years, she received additional certifications and began to teach yoga (kundalini and restorative yoga), sound healing, as well as mindfulness and other meditation techniques. Her growth as an intuitive healer was supported by her many travels to sacred pilgrimage sites around the world, including the great cathedrals and pilgrimage sites of Europe, the sacred mountains of the Tibetan Himalayas, and the ancient sites of India and South America.


In 2014, Michelle continued her education in evidence-based research and health promotion at OHSU/PSU School of Public Health where she received a Master of Public Health. She is currently board certified in Public Health and specializes in Wellness and Mind-Body Medicine. This specialty has allowed her to conduct and publish research on the effects of mind-body medicine and social determinants on health and wellbeing, as well as lead large evidence-based programs for vulnerable populations.


To date, Michelle has led thousands of group and individual meditations, yoga classes and healing sessions. Clients and students learn how to create greater health, patience, compassion and peacefulness in their lives from her teachings. She also leads Sacred Sound Healing’s mission of bringing forth peace in individuals, communities and the world by offering profoundly beneficial guided visualizations and sound healing experiences.

Numbers Speak

Experience with many different clients and modalities over the years has given Michelle Hebert DC, MPH, NBCCH, E-RYT expertise that you can benefit from.


Years Of Experience

20+ years of teaching meditation and facilitating both group and individual mind-body healing sessions.


Happy Clients and Students

Over 1,800 clients and students have returned to experience classes and individual or group healing sessions.


Degrees and Certifications

7+ degrees and certifications in mind-body medicine, chiropractic, yoga, and fitness and more.

What clients say

About Distance Healing Sessions

"The variety of long distance healing techniques that have significantly approved my health. Her intuitive ability and wisdom have helped me to successfully navigate difficult circumstances...." (Read More) 

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Tricia P.

Bloomington, IL USA

"I have worked with Michelle for distant healing sessions and each time, I have been amazed by the accuracy and potency of her help. She has an incredible gift...." (Read More)

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Florence L.

Grenoble, IL France

"I was very impressed with the distance sound and hypnotherapy treatment. It was incredibly calming to my system and it took me to a very present yet altered state..." (Read More)

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Sean M.

Comox Valley, BC Canada

Experience the benefits

of Sound Healing and Mind-Body Therapies for Health and Happiness