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Distance Healing Sessions

Appointments are now available for distance healing sessions via the phone with Michelle Hebert MPH, NBCCH, E-RYT. Read below for descriptions, pricing and Q+A. See reviews and contact us with any questions or set up a free 10 minute consult below:


Distance Session Possibilities

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Sound Healing

Experience the healing sounds of crystal bowls, bells and chimes.


Hypnotherapy and Guided Visualization

Harness the power of the mind to heal and create your best life.



Practice evidence-based meditation techniques shown to increase resilience and happiness.


Diet and Nutrition

Nurture yourself with nutrition tailored to your specific body type and lifestyle.


Yoga and Yogic Breathwork

Learn poses, movements, and breathing patterns to balance your body, mind and spirit.


Personal Training

Reach your wellness goals using a mindful approach to fitness. 

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Distance Healing

$150 CAD (approx. $108 USD)

A one hour distance healing session via phone includes 15-20 minutes of intuitive guidance and specific recommendations for your concerns followed by 40-45 minutes of a unique guided visualization healing session. Specific sound healing instruments can be used to enhance the healing experience upon request. See purchase terms for details. 

  • Set any combination of physical, mental and/or spiritual intentions for your session.

  • Receive expert mind-body healing guidance.

  • Can be used for a new client session.

Monthly Maintenance

$750 CAD (approx. $550 USD)

Save $25 CAD per session ($150 CAD per package of 6 sessions)! Receive a monthly healing each month for 6 months in a row to help keep yourself healthy and well. See purchase terms for details.

  • Make greater progress towards your goals with monthly sessions.

  • Stay committed to the healing process with follow-up sessions.

  • Experience a greater chance for lasting changes in physical and mental health.


Summer 2020 Offer - Share the Gift of Peacefulness

A special offer to bring peacefulness to you and your friends and family during this difficult time of COVID-19:  Receive 10% off when you purchase one Distance Healing Session for yourself and one for a family member or friend. See terms for details. 



What is the typical format of distance sound healing, guided visualization and hypnotherapy sessions?

The first 15-20 minutes of each session is a dialogue where you can write down notes and specific recommendations. The remaining 40-45 minutes is the healing session. During this portion, you will need to lie down or recline somewhere comfortable that allows for your spine to be straight. If your session includes sound healing, this is part of the session where you can use a high-quality headset, headphones or earbuds (if you have them).

Can I have the session be focused on healing physical issues?

Yes, you can choose physical, mental/emotional and/or spiritual concerns to be addressed during the sessions. Sessions do not include medical or chiropractic diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

Is hypnotherapy, guided visualization and sound healing effective over distance via the phone?

Absolutely! Distance sessions are very effective and provide guided healing tailored specifically for you in the comfort of your own space. Certain sound healing instrument types are not used due to technology limitations. Please feel free to contact us about details. Also, read our reviews.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for the session?

Before the session begins, let other people in your household know that you are not to be disturbed during the session unless there is an emergency. Consider having all pets in a separate room/area where they will not interrupt the session. Have a pen and paper available so that you can write down any notes on the intuitive recommendations. These recommendations are given during the first 15-20 minutes of the session.


How many sessions are needed to experience results?

The number and frequency of sessions required for resolution of a concern depends on various factors including mental and physical health status, adherence to session recommendations and the severity of external triggers. Results, such as feelings of wellbeing and peacefulness, are typically noticed after the first session.

Can the receipt be coded for insurance?

Sessions can not be reimbursed through insurance and therefore receipts are not coded. In some cases, funds from FSA, HSA or HRA accounts can be for yoga, personal training or hypnotherapy sessions. The type of account you have may determine whose costs are covered and which costs are eligible.

Experience the Benefits

of Sound Healing and Mind-Body Therapies for Health and Happiness