Distance Session Reviews for Sound Healing, Guided Visualization and Hypnotherapy 

I have had tremendous success doing energy work with Michelle after I had several attempts where traditional medicine had failed to help chronic infections. After healings sessions with her, those issues are now gone. Her work has also provided me with a greater understanding of how energy affects the body and mind and how to use that energy to help heal myself, both physically and emotionally.

- Steve Z., Phoenix, AZ USA

I have worked with Michelle for distant healing sessions and each time, I have been amazed by the accuracy and potency of her help. She has an incredible gift for pinpointing the issue or issues that most need clearing. I definitely feel better and lighter after a session with her and to top it all, she has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. I highly recommend sessions with her.

- Florence L., Grenoble, France

I was very impressed with the distance sound and hypnotherapy treatment given by Michelle. It was incredibly calming to my system and it took me to a very present yet altered state that was valuable in helping me through some of my current physical and emotional pain. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who is open to this type of healing modality as it is quite impactful and Michelle clearly is a very passionate and capable practitioner.

- Sean M., Comox Valley, BC Canada

It has been a number of years since I've lived in the same city as Dr. Hebert but I continue to benefit from her compassionate skill as a healer through her phone sessions. With a phone session, she is able to intuit what issues need healing and guide me through breath work and visualization to help release discordant energy. I find this work to be powerful and effective and after a phone session, I feel a heightened sense of light and alignment with love. I'm so grateful that I can continue to work with Dr. Hebert in this way! 

- Sydney C., Phoenix, AZ USA

Michelle is a compassionate practitioner that using a variety of long distance healing techniques that have significantly approved my health. Her intuitive ability and wisdom has helped me to successfully navigate difficult circumstances. She is an incredible teacher and the knowledge she shares can be integrated into daily life. Her positive energy provides upliftment and inspiration to everyone she meets.

- Tricia P., Bloomington, IL USA

Michelle has the ability to help with physical problems by discovering the emotional root and guiding the release of them. I really look forward to the appointments. The process is easy, and I always leave feeling so grateful for what has been resolved. She has an intuitive gift which I really value. I now live in another state, and I am benefiting from her remote healings. I find them to be just as powerful as the in-office experiences.

- Cora G., Santa Fe, NM USA

I knew she conducted telephone healing sessions, but had never done one. I just really felt that her presence was essential for me to really reap all the benefits of her treatment. But this year due to a personal situation that I was literally making myself sick over, I set up a phone healing. She described the steps and how it would work. The session took place, and it was amazing. I hung up the phone feeling the same kind of peace I often felt when I left her office! I felt completely relaxed and much more in control of my thoughts and emotions in general, and especially in regard to the specific situation. This was usually how I felt after a ‘hands on’ treatment, but I was shocked she could generate this same effect over the phone.

- Debra W., Phoenix, AZ USA